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Testimonials (Just a Sampling)
Mike, I got the glove back yesterday and just
wanted to let you know how pleased I am with
the work you did. It feels wonderful on my
hand and looks great. Great job and thanks
again.  G.E.  Florida
Mike,  Received our glove today,. and I cannot
believe how amazing it turned out. We have
used other relacing services before, but your
work is superior.  Thanks again.  J.M. Michigan
Mike,  Thanks for repairing the lot of
vintage gloves for me.  Your
workmanship is superb.  I have another
package on it's way.
M.S. New York
Mike,  The work you did on my Dad's old
glove is incredible.  I never expected it to look
so nice, and be useable again.  My hats off to
you.  Incredible.  F.S. California
Thanks so much for the incredible
work on my gamer.  You have earned
my business for life, and I will refer all
my friends for sure. J.R. Maryland
Mike,  Our team tried several other relacing services in the past, with varying results, some ok, some not so good.  Glove-Works
workmanship is in a league of it's own.  If you want it done right, their is only one place to go....Glove-Works!  Professional people,
Professional results. A.R. Texas AAA
I got the glove back today, that was extremely fast shipping. When I  
opened it up and saw my glove, words cannot describe how amazing it  
looked. It is like getting a brand new glove. It is perfect! If anyone  
tries to get rid of an old glove or needs a little TLC, I am going to  
tell them to send their mitts to you. Glove-works is one of a kind.  
Thanks again so much
Ryan Y. Iowa
I just received the glove today, and I
must tell you how happy I am. The
glove looks totally cool and feels
great. Thank you very much
I just got my brand new glove today, it shipped here incredibly fast! I
cannot tell you how happy i am! This is the very first glove that i have
gotten to buy for myself, never had the money to spend. Im 23, and
Im playing independent ball. It is better than i thought it would be, it
fits great and the leather is beautiful. Thank you so much for your
service, i have already began to spread the word about your
services      Thanks again,
Michael- Tampa, Fl
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Thanks so much for bringing my Tony Conigliaro back to its
original beauty.  'The Works' is like resurrecting a old dead
piece of leather and bringing it back to life.  Really amazing
work!!!  You have my glove restoration business for life!!!
Thanks again. Tim
Glove-Works,  I had 5 other companies
say they couldn't help me with my
glove..Just received my glove back
today from you and it's amazing!  Feels
like a new glove again.  Thanks so much.
Fred G  Shreveport, LA
Thanks again for taking care of our teams
gloves again this season.  Your work is
second to none.
G. T.  Can Am League.
Hello, Mike.
The glove arrived yesterday afternoon in fine
shape. I was feeling under the weather, and
its arrival brightened my day considerably.
Thanks very much for your fine work.
Best regards,
I've been worse than a kid waiting for Christmas
waiting for my glove to show, and today was the day.
I couldn't believe it was the same one. You worked a
miracle, I was sure that nothing could be done to save
it. You just made this old guy day. Thank You so
much!  Larry...Austin, IN
Glove-Works.  We were amazed with the glove you
restored for our father.  This glove is such a
sentimental item from his playing days 50 years ago
and we are so pleased with the results...and the look
on his face when we gave it to him on Fathers Day
was PRICELESS!  Thank You.  The Smiths. TN
Just received the Mitt, looks great!!!
Thank you so much. It is a great shade
of red.
R.F. Boston Red Sox
Mike, my gloves have arrived and they look terrific.  I
appreciate the attention to detail on these two very
different gloves.  I’m sure I’ll have more for you in the
future.Thanks again, Jeff B.  Washington, DC
The glove (Nokona BM76) is fantastic.  Many thanks.  
The leather is like new, and it does form a great
pocket!  B.M.  University Of Delaware.
I just wanted to let you know that
Jon’s glove arrived today.  We
are very impressed with the work
you did on it; it actually looks and
feels like new.  It is nice to deal
with a real craftsman such as
yourself.  Thanks once again, we
are very pleased. Cliff M. Oregon
I just received Dad's glove back and
wanted to thank you for a great job.
The glove looks great! My dad passed
away two months ago so it really
means a lot to have this back and
looking so nice. I have great memories
of  standing in the backyard playing
catch with him and his glove is a real
treasure to me. You provide a great
service! R Reeves, Louisville, KY
I just wanted to let you know that I
received the glove yesterday and I am
very pleased with how it turned out.  
Thank you again for your services, I
know my father is going to get a big
kick out of receiving it, and now that it
looks completely restored, it will be
something he will display proudly.
M.T., Huntingtown, MD
Thanks again!!
Mike: Thank you again. The
gloves are excellent and my
daughter and I are grateful for
the fine craftsmanship!
Rich D.
This summer I sent the glove of my childhood to you for some much needed work. Although not a valuable item
(Ted Williams fielders mitt), it was extremely valuable to me for sentimental reasons. I wanted it repaired so that
my young son could use it as I did 42 years ago. I cannot express my thanks for the terrific work you did. I could
not be happier with the restoration. The glove is better than new!
The Koosman glove looks great, and really appreciate the quick turnaround.  Will look forward to sending
another glove over to you.   
Thanks again! Mike G...Trumbull, CT
Mike,I wanted to let you know how excited and thankful I am for your incredible craftsmanship by bringing back my
old little league glove back to life so that my oldest son can now use it 35 years later.  The Mizuno glove meant a lot
to me growing up as I still remember going to the store and picking it out with my parents (my mom has since passed)
and I've kept it with me all this time. With your incredible skills it's still in the family but now in phenomenal
condition and something that I hope my oldest son will cherish as much as I still do.
You've made a guy extremely happy and thankful by bringing a little part of my early childhood to life and a simple yet
heartfelt memory of my mom buying a glove for her son many years ago a little closer.  
Thank you, T.H.
I received my glove last week and I am amazed.  
It looks great!  Thank you for preserving a
precious momento of my childhood.  
Sean M.
Hey Mike,
Received the glove yesterday. One
word describes it, AMAZING! Feels
better than when it was new; consistent
color and great blend of the black and
blue laces. Your work is very much

Thanks, Ray